Polydiamond Finance
Future Developments
Making $DMND an important currency


We spoke already a little bit about our future plans, but let's have a more in depth look.
After $DMND emissions end (in approximately 14 days), we'll be left with a token with a very large marketcap and no use-case. We will have to change that.

DeFi Domain Marketplace

Our first plan is to open up some digital marketplaces, and our first product will be a Domain Marketplace. The very first domain marketplace in all of DeFi. This marketplace will be hooked up to Some well-known domain marketplace's API, which means you will be able to purchase domains directly from the registrar. The only difference is that you buy them with $DMND instead of fiat. We will not mark-up prices. That is not the point of this project. Our goal is to fill the gap between fiat and crypto in the domain market.
We chose a domain marketplace specifically because there are lots of DeFi users who are also tech savvy. Many are developers, and these developers need to make websites occasionally. If you could buy a domain with some $DMND you're holding, why wouldn't you? Additionally, domains are digital items. Transferring their ownership is very easy and can be fully automated. Our plan is to implement this functionality to its full potential.

Algorithmic Stablecoin

Over the past 6 months, we've seen lots of algo stable-coins come and go, all of them ultimately failing to keep peg. $IRON was the latest example (although $IRON was really only collateralised, and the "algo" part was purely financial rather than mechanical). To this day, there hasn't been a single fully decentralized stable-coin; one that can keep peg without anybody's help. No collateral. Our lead developer thinks he can make it happen. He even knows how and has a plan. We, of course, cannot reveal our secrets now, but stay tuned. This one may be ground-breaking. The use of $DMND in this protocol comes from staking and burning $DMND to add value to the stable-coin.

Looking Into the Future

We are a very young team, but we see the future. We know what it takes to succeed. We believe in ourselves, and we believe in the community. We all sincerely hope that you can share this ride with us.
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